Many myths shroud teaching English as a foreign language.

A source of common confusion stems from the belief that only native English speakers can get hired as TEFL teachers. And it’s simply not true!

Admittedly, there are more paid TEFL jobs for teachers from native English speaking countries such as the United States, Great Britain or Australia. But if you’re Spanish, French, Dutch or from any other non-English speaking country and dream of teaching English abroad, listen up – this advice is for you.

How to get a TEFL job as a non-native?

Get TEFL qualified: The minimum TEFL training employers seek is usually 120 hours. Become a specialist English teacher with Premier TEFL’s Expert TEFL Course giving you 240 hours of tuition.

Finish your Bachelor’s degree: Having a degree as a non-native English speaker boosts your employment chances. However there are still options as you’ll see from our placements.

Get some teaching experience: and especially teaching to young learners. The closer you can get to what you will want to do abroad, the better. Relevant teaching experience gives you credibility for future employers. They’re taking less of a risk when hiring someone with experience, if you can get experience locally or volunteer that’s great.

Have a great resume that stand out for the recruiters: TEFL recruiters are inundated with resumes and CV’s daily. The world of TEFL never stops recruiting; as a contract-based industry schools always needs to hire ahead. Make sure your resume is relevant for teaching and if you have no experience make sure you highlight all your transferable soft-skills that you’ll use as a teacher.

Apply to jobs that specifically accept non-natives: You did all the previous steps and are ready to apply, bravo! Look for internships and jobs that accept non-native applicants to improve your chances of success. We made a great list of destinations to help you go get that TEFL job!

Find everything you need to know about finding your perfect job abroad!

Where to teach English as a non-native?

Argentina, Buenos Aires

A mix of incredible food, buzzing cities and the home of the tango – Buenos Aires is undisputedly a charismatic destination. If you are looking for a beautiful country with a European feel in South America then Argentina is for you. You don’t need a degree to apply for this 6 paid month internship including 4-weeks of classroom teacher training.

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Argentina (nationwide)

After spending the first two months in the province of Buenos Aires, you’ll move to explore another exciting location. If you are looking for an authentic South American TEFL experience then Argentina is for you. You don’t need to be a native English speaker to apply for this 3 – 12 paid month internship!

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Do you want your English teaching abroad experience to be a colorful whirlwind of ancient temples, gorgeous scenery, unsolved mysteries, and tasty curries? Then Cambodia is for YOU. Becoming a TEFL intern in Cambodia is a brilliant way to use your skills and expertise to make the world a better place. Afterall, Cambodia, as a country in transition, is still grappling with the effects of Khmer Rouge.

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Armies of motorbikes flooding wide, grid-like streets, delicious, steamy street food on every corner, a hospitable, ancient culture, and enough sights, sounds, and smells to last a lifetime—TEFL in China is a popular choice amongst the culturally curious. Both education and kungfu have been long time values of the locals, which now extend to include improved English language skills.

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Remote, exotic, developed, and not yet completely overrun by tourists, Romania may not be the first place that comes to mind when teaching abroad programs boast “cultural immersion and ample TEFL jobs.” It has a whimsical, quirky, creative soul that emulates life and invites you—though sometimes cautiously—to be a part of it’s post-Communist evolution. Romania is one of the most up-and-coming teaching destinations, and you’ll understand just why when you first arrive.

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